Tap Dance Fundamentals USB


Tap Dance Fundamentals on USB Stick

This beginners guide on USB comprises a dance class video and an accompanying written document. Both cover aspects of tap technique for:

  • Posture and Alignment 
  • Arms
  • Shuffles
  • Shuffle Ball Change 
  • Shuffle Hop Step
  • Paradiddle
  • 4 Beat Riff
  • 4 Beat Cramp Roll 
  • Pick-up Step
  • Tap Step Heel 
  • Tap Step Ball Change 

Each step is covered in depth with explanations of rhythm, technique and execution as well as full-body and close up videos. Return to it time and time again to increase your knowledge and confidence of all the basic steps. 

Dance classes available in Southsea, Chichester, Southampton and Online
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