Online dance classes

Online Dance Classes

Online Dance Classes for Everyone!

Beginner: A ballet class for those who are new to ballet, want to take it slowly, or have done some ballet and want to focus on the basics.
Improver/Advanced: A ballet class for those who have done ballet for 2 years or more and are happy with ballet fundamentals.

Based on suspension and release, this class contains warm ups, technique and a routine giving the opportunity to dance with freedom and expression.

Beginner: Just starting out or keeping it simple.
Improver: Some experience (Grade 2-4).
Advanced: Lots of experience (Grade 5+).

Mellow Moves
A fun class for everyone to join. No experience necessary. Warm up exercises and a simple routine.

Musical Theatre Dance
A theatre dance class featuring warm ups and a routine to a song from a musical. A more challenging level than Mellow Moves.

Weekend Workshop
Learn a fun musical theatre based routine. There will be a new dance every week, why not get the family involved! This class is 1 hour long to include a warm up session followed by the routine.



Online Dance Class Costs

1 Online Class Per Week: £19 per month
2 Online Classes Per Week: £25 per month
Unlimited Online Classes: £29 per month

All classes are 40 minutes long except weekend workshops which are 1 hour

Here’s how to get up and running… or rather, dancing!

  1. Register with MyMusic: Fill out the MyMusic registration form below and choose your package.
    We will allocate you to the classes you have chosen.
  2. Get Zoom: Sign up to Zoom and get the video software installed if you don’t already have it.
  3. Join a Class: Check the Timetable andat the right time, open my music and go to my next class or find it on the calendar.
    Click on the Zoom link you will go into the waiting room for your class.
  4. Get Ready to Dance!

Payments are Monthly: These can be cancelled at any time.

There are no refunds for missed classes: It may be possible to swap classes by prior arrangement.

Sarah Moore Dance can not control the following:
Internet Connection: As we practice increased ‘social distancing’ more and more people are heading online. There will be times when the internet cannot cope with the sheer volume of use and broadcasts may not always be clear.

The Quality of the Speakers on your Device: We are doing all we can our end to make the sound as good as possible. If your sound quality is poor, perhaps try plugging in external speakers.

Your ‘Dance Space’: Participating in ‘Sarah Moore Dance at Home’ is done on the understanding that it is at your own risk. We are not responsible for any injuries caused.

Your Health: You know yourself and your health needs, please take the class at your own pace and safely within your limits. This will be slightly different for everyone so please make sure you are safe.

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