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Dance Teachers

Meet the dance teachers behind our adult dance classes and workshops
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Sarah Moore

How did you become a dance teacher? I grew up in Chichester and always loved dancing, trained in Liverpool and enjoyed a fantastic performing career. I now live in Southsea and devote my time to bringing the joy of dance to as many people as possible amongst the chaos of raising two small boys!

Favourite dance classes to teach: Whilst I love to dance ballet, it’s Musical Theatre I love to teach – the songs are so varied and it’s the relationship between the music and dance that wins the day for me.

Most memorable moment of my career: Being able to travel around New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands whilst dancing aboard the Sun Princess with fantastic friends for life!

Favourite drink: In the daytime nothing beats coffee. In the evening I love a Prosecco or a nice chilled New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc!

Book or Box Set? Box Set (I get too into books and can’t deal with the emotional rollercoaster anymore!)

Beach or countryside? BEACH

Tell us an Interesting fact: I can lick my elbow! (Try it)

Meet Our Dance Teachers

dance teachers dance teacher

Jessica Corell

How did you become a dance teacher? I grew up in Chichester and trained in Musical theatre full time from the age of 12- by Sarah herself, infact! I went off to London at 16 to train at Urdang and enjoyed my time dancing and singing abroad before having to move back home. Now I have been teaching back in my hometown for 4 years and love it!

Favourite dance classes to teach: Musical Theatre is my favourite because I feel I can play around with choreography the most and have fun with it! Closely followed by Tap!!

Most memorable moment of my career: Dancing in the opening on BBC 1 Children In Need. So fascinating seeing how it all works behind the scenes at the Elstree studios. In my teaching career, I’d have to say choreographing and dancing a dance with a huge flashmob at the end of it, at goodwood revival. It’s always a big hit and widely recognised by the Duke and by ITV!

Favourite drink: A sunny day time drink for me has to be a fruity Pimms! Non alcoholic would be an orange juice and lemonade!

Book or Box Set? Box set… Just!!

Beach or countryside? Beach 100%!

Tell us an Interesting fact: When I was 17 I had to tube feed myself for 8 weeks-no food or drink whatsoever. All whilst continuing with my professional musical theatre training in London. Safe to say I have loved and appreciated food ever since!!

dance teachers dance teacher

Milly Gauntlett

How did you become a dance teacher? I have loved dancing from a very young age and it was when I began assisting in classes that I knew I wanted to pass on my passion to other children and adults so as soon as I had finished my A-levels I went on to do my teacher training.

My favourite genre to teach: It’s hard to choose a favourite but I think I would have to say Ballet is my all time favourite.

Most memorable moment in my career: Seeing my students perform on stage at the Guildhall or seeing them come out of their exams with great marks have to be my favourite moments, they make me feel very proud.

Favourite drink: In the day I’m just a flavoured water drinker- although I am slowly getting into coffee! However I am a massive cocktail fan- porn star martinis for the win! Or I do enjoy a nice glass of wine or even Disaronno!

Beach or Countryside: This was a difficult one and I feel very lucky that we live so close to both- but having lived on a Farm for all of my childhood I will have to say countryside!

Interesting fact about me: This was a difficult one but just a little bit more about me, I absolutely adore dogs and have three chocolate labradors at home who I adore! Another interesting fact – Sarah started teaching me when I was 6 years old and dressed me as a flower pot man in our tap dance for the annual show!

dance teachers dance teacher ballet tap

Emeli Salentino

How did you become a dance teacher? After training at Bird College I went on to dance professionally for 7 years however along the way I found a new love for teaching so decided to make that my full time job after my final cruise contract!

Favourite dance genre to teach: Ballet & tap

Most memorable moment of my career: Principle Classical dancer in our show ‘Traviata’ onboard MSC cruises.

Favourite drink: Tea 😂

Book or Box Set? Box Set

Beach or countryside? Oh gosh both!!

Tell us an Interesting fact: Both my parents are Italian and myself and my two sisters have all been brought up with very Italian culture and traditions.

dance teachers dance teacher

Clare Ellams

How did you become a dance teacher? I was taken to Ballet when I was 3 yrs old and never looked back, performing in competitions and shows before training at Preston Dance College, followed by performing and choreographing shows on land, abroad and ships. Now I work in the entertainment department for P&O Cruises, I love my job and also fit in teaching dance, paddle-boarding and looking after my cute puppy.

Favourite dance classes to teach: Musical Theatre and the variety it brings. However I do enjoy teaching other genres of dance.

Most memorable moment of my career: Travelling the world on cruise ships and working with BBC Strictly Come Dancing.

Favourite drink: I do like a pink gin and tonic, however a Prosecco is always great 😊

Book or Box Set? Recently I love a box set, but definitely love to take my book to the beach and get lost in it.

Beach or countryside? Beach, love country walks but my happy place and makes me relax is the sea and beach. I’m so lucky to live by the sea.

Tell us an Interesting fact: The most interesting celebrity I met among lots was Eddie Large (from Little and large) We had great chats.

dance teacher

Kasha Land

How did you become a dance teacher? I always loved dancing and singing as a child and luckily was sent to dance classes from a young age. After doing my teacher training I began teaching at the school I trained at and have been teaching ever since at various schools and now also enjoy being mummy to my two daughters.

Favourite dance genre to teach: I love dancing, especially ballet but my passion to teach is Tap. I love creating the intricate rhythms and sounds with my feet. It must have been all the years watching Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire!

Most memorable moment of my career: Helping students go on to study at stage school and then onto a professional dance career is a true highlight for me. Seeing them achieve their dreams is very special. Also being able to teach at the school I trained at, alongside the school Principal was a real privilege.

Favourite drink: Freshly squeezed orange juice or on a special occasion Gin and Elderflower, preferably in the sunshine!

Book or Box Set? I love books. I usually end up staying up far too late unable to put them down.

Beach or countryside? I’m a total beach girl who loves walks in the countryside or horseriding. I’m lucky to live so close to both.

Tell us an Interesting fact: I can play piano cello and recorder!

dance teacher

Bronwen Dixie

How did you become a dance teacher? I started dancing at 2 and haven’t stopped since! I trained at “Performers”, danced professionally, before becoming a full time teacher, a job which I adore. I am proud to have watched many of my past students perform in the West End and on tours, not to mention a certain superstar past student who now owns her own very successful dance school, any guesses who that might be?! 

Favourite dance classes to teach: Impossible question! That’s like choosing your favourite child!! I love teaching all styles and am very fortunate that my job allows me to teach a wide variety. 

Most memorable moment of my career: On my first cruise contract I had a solo number to “Mein Heir” which was performed stood on a cabaret chair, this proved quite petrifying at high seas! I’m proud that I stayed upright!! 

Favourite drink: First thing in the morning nothing beats a cup of tea. As a teacher I’m stereotypically fuelled on coffee, but like Sarah, I also enjoy a chilled glass of New Zealand sauvignon blanc, it’s the perfect treat after a 12 hour day!  

Book or Box Set? A good book (on a sun-bed in the gorgeous sun is preferable!) 

Beach or countryside? Can I choose a bit of both? For example, the Pembrokeshire coast ❤️

Tell us an Interesting fact: I am the proud owner of a very large collection of sprinkles (those annoying things that some people put in cards!) I literally have sprinkles for every occasion! Birthdays, christenings, weddings, anniversary’s, Christmas, Easter, engagements, Halloween……

dance teachers dance teacher ballet

Katrina Kelly

How did you become a dance teacher? I trained at Dance School of Scotland and Elmhurst. Afterwards I danced with Vienna Festival Ballet and at Thursford Christmas Spectacular. For the past 5 years I have been spending my summers on cruise ships and winters in London performing in The Snowman.  Sarah put an advert on Facebook for a teacher and I thought it sounded like a really fun opportunity- and it’s is!

Favourite dance classes to teach: Ballet

Most memorable moment of my career: Dancing for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their children!

Favourite drink: Anything with elderflower!!

Book or Box Set? Oh this is difficult- I think I have to go with book.

 Beach or countryside? Beach without a doubt.

 Tell us an Interesting fact: I do the splits every single day!

dance teacher

Chancey Gregory

How did you become a dance teacher? I started attending ballet classes from age 2 where my love for dance blossomed. I trained at SJ academy of Dance then went onto train at Bird College. After returning from Bird I studied at Chichester college for my teaching exams as well as performing dance at corporate events.

Favourite dance classes to teach: I love them all! Has to be Barre Fitness, Jazz and Tap!

Most memorable moment of my career: Performing at the bbc dance proms held at the royal Albert hall.

Favourite drink: Apple and Blackcurrant squash 😂 or a cheeky Baileys!

Book or box set: Box set

Beach or countryside: Definitely the beach! I’m a sun worshipper.

Tell us an interesting fact: I have never met anybody else who has the same name as me!

Madison Burgess

How did you become a dance teacher? Originally from Toronto Canada, I made the move overseas to pursue an MA at the University of Chichester. Now that I’m graduated, I’ve now settled in Chichester and am currently dancing professionally and sharing my passion of dance with my students all over the South East of England!

Favourite Genre of Dance to teach: Contemporary, definitely Contemporary.

Most memorable moment of my career: Dancing with Lîla Dance in their re-tour of The Hotel Experience.

Favourite Drink: COFFEE, I am a coffee addict. Otherwise, in the evening it’s a glass of Red; preferably Pinot Noir.

Book or Box set? Box Set.

Beach of countryside? Definitely the beach. I LOVE to swim.

Tell us an interesting fact: I was born with dislocated hips.