Barre Fitness Classes Are Coming to Southsea

19 April 2022 By

When are Barre Fitness classes coming to Southsea?
Southsea Barre Fitness Classes start on the 27th April!

Barre Fitness is a great way to get fit, tone the body and have a great time doing it. Our classes are held at CourtX in Southsea in their award-winning, specially designed studio.

There will be 3 classes a week:
Tuesdays 9:30am
Tuesdays 10:30am
Wednesdays 11am

Trials are available for £5 and following that, weekly classes are £7.50 per session payable monthly.

Our teacher Chancey can’t wait to meet you and help you embark on your barre fitness journey. To get to know Chancey and our other wonderful teachers, please click here:

To find out more please visit our Barre Fitness Page

We can’t wait to welcome you!