Lockdown Lessons Vol. 1 (USB)


Lockdown Lessons Vol. 1: Dance Lessons on USB Stick
All the dance lesson videos from the first weeks of Lockdown complete with tutorials Warm up – Foot Exercise – Stretch. Pulse raisers: Rock Around the Clock Let’s Twist Again At the Hop. Routines: Good Morning Together Wherever We Go Singing in the Rain Get Happy Let’s Face the Music and Dance Save the Last Dance. The Bow.

  1. Intro 
  2. Warm Up: Tutorial 
  3. Warm Up 
  4. Foot Exercise: Tutorial
  5. Foot Exercise 
  6. Stretch
  7. Rock Around The Clock: Tutorial 
  8. Rock Around The Clock 
  9. Let’s Twist Again: Tutorial 
  10. Let’s Twist Again 
  11. At the Hop: Tutorial 
  12. At The Hop
  13. Good Morning: Tutorial
  14. Good Morning 
  15. Together Wherever We Go: Tutorial
  16. Together Wherever We Go 
  17. Singing In The Rain: Tutorial
  18. Singing In The Rain 
  19. Get Happy: Tutorial
  20. Get Happy 
  21. Let’s Face The Music And Dance: Tutorial 
  22. Let’s Face The Music And Dance 
  23. Save The Last Dance: Tutorial
  24. Save The Last Dance 
  25. The Bow

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