Shim Sham Workshop (Wednesday 8th September)

23 August 2021 By

Come and join Ellie from the Chichester Lindy Hoppers for a Shim Sham Workshop
Wednesday 8th September
11:30 – 1pm
Fishbourne Centre, Blackboy Lane

Originally a tap dance the ‘Shim Sham Shimmy’ the Shim Sham was adjusted to be taught to the audiences and performed by ‘non-dancers’ (musicians/comedians/circus acts etc) at the end of shows/vaudeville performances in 1930s Harlem. Audiences would be taught a little each night to encourage them to come back the following night. The routine had a resurgence in the 1980s and 90s with the swing dance revival and almost 100 years on continues to be danced across the globe to this day. It’s a fun dance with simple steps – perfect for all!